Yesterday, I went through hundreds of pages of notes, e-mails, transcripts of recorded interviews, and newspaper articles related to my work on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. My first notes begin in mid-2010 and continue right up to the present. While rereading them, I found some interesting quotation from law enforcement officials on the Stacey Burns murder case.

Here are just a few . . .

May 12, 2009-The investigation will take a few more days because “this is a fairly large residence and there were a number of people inside, so that just means there’s a lot of space that has to be covered and a lot of items that have to be reviewed.” (Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin-NECN News-A Comcast Network)

February 10, 2011-“We did not get enough evidence to make an arrest and we don’t have enough evidence yet to make an arrest.” (Jeff Strelzin-Granite State News, February 17, 2011)

May 12, 2013- “It’s always frustrating for everybody, particularly the family. that you can’t provide justice as quickly as you’d like.” (Jeff Strelzin, Metro West Daily News article regarding the investigation)

February 10, 2011-“…I don’t have any issues with the resources in this case. If something needs to get done, it gets done. Money and resources are not the problem. It’s evidence. And that’s what happens in every case.” (Jeff Strelzin, Granite State News)

March 3, 2009 (before Stacey Burns’ murder)- “Our primary responsibility is certainly our current cases. We are pretty much straight out 24/7 keeping up with current stuff.” (Sgt. Steve Rowland, N.H.S.P. quoted in N.H. Business Review)

March 3, 2009 (before the Burns murder, referring to an unrelated case in Hooksett, N.H.) “The reason that one got solved is because the Hooksett Police Department ponied up the money.” (N.H. Business Review)

July 24, 2013-“What’s missing is the person doing it coming to terms with it.” Scott Gilbert, N.H.S.P.- Green Valley News, Green Valley, Arizona

Just something to think about… There have not been many authoritative quotations available recently.