I will repeat here my answer to one correspondent who asked about the duffle bag found in the yard of a neighbor of Stacey Burns quite a while back.

“Much like everything else in this case, there is no clear explanation nor description of the duffle bag other than what you mentioned.  Remember, it is an “ongoing investigation” which is the catch-all reason for not telling anyone anything. After all, we wouldn’t want to jeopardize this intense effort to find Stacey’s killer, would we?”

My answer lies clearly in the “tongue-in-cheek” category.  However, the underlying question remains: Just how intense is this effort, anyway? Has anyone in the family received an update from the investigative team recently? Are the local police (Wolfeboro P.D.) being kept in the loop at all? Is the input of the Wolfeboro Police Department being sought?

Perhaps “ongoing” should not be confused with intense. Hopefully, ongoing means exactly what it says. The dictionary says ongoing means “being actually in progress, continuously moving forward . . .”

Seven years and five months of continuously moving forward-is there an end in sight?