We’ve all experienced the joy of watching people pursue a cause they believe in with dedication and passion. In the time I’ve worked on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns, I have met or corresponded with many people who have pursued justice for Stacey and some degree of closure for her family and friends.

In good conscience, I can not ignore this passionate pursuit by so many. This is the reason that I am raising questions that are not necessarily in the mainstream of thinking about the case. If someone cares enough to take the time and effort to write or call, he or she deserves to at least have any questions brought to light, no matter how seemingly outrageous they may be.

The previous blog post regarding the DNA sample was entirely mine. I will stand by that until someone in authority tells me that it is not true simply because I believe my source is credible. Here is a question that is not new but has been asked enough times and with sufficient passion to deserve mention.

Could the killer of Stacey Burns have been a woman? Of course, once again, the police could dismiss this possibility as we can all be certain that they have eliminated all women by virtue of alibi and the standard motive, means, and opportunity questions. So, investigators, could you answer this question and remove it out of the realm of speculation in the minds of those passionately pursuing the truth?