Well, I guess that may have gotten your attention.

For some reason, my last post did not get published. The title of that post was Mind Changers, Game Changers. It had to do with those who told me I could use the information they provided but then changed their minds. It raised the question about whether their information could be a “game changer” in the search for the murderer of Stacey Burns.

What if I have come upon new information that might move the investigation in a different direction? Would the police be interested in hearing it?

What if this new information required an entirely new way of thinking on the part of the investigators?

The last post, which for some reason did not publish, raises this question: If I were to have a new slant on things, would the police listen or would they not want the investigative waters muddied since they already have solved the murder? If that is the case, then prosecute it! If it is not, then let’s at least think about a new angle.

Maybe one of these mind changers might be a game changer and actually have a solution. Some people who have supplied information have changed their minds about allowing me to publish it. Just suppose that information¬†could make the police look again at this case-wouldn’t that be something?

The odds are slim but maybe, just maybe, I’ve spoken with someone who knows who killed Stacey Burns. What if it is not Ed Burns nor Jim Vittum? Isn’t that at least worth a look by the “ongoing investigative team” of the NHSP?