My personal (and quite thick) “murder book” on the Stacey Burns case begins in 2010. This book would double in size were I to include the hundreds of blog posts I’ve written since then. Reviewing that book makes one wonder about how fast time goes by and events fade into the past, becoming just distant memories.

On May 6, 2011, I sent a registered letter to John Quinones, asking for a simple confirmation of a “fact” concerning something that Mr. Quinones allegedly told one of my interviewees, a resident of Wolfeboro. Of course, that letter was signed for but never answered.  When I e-mailed a similar confirmation question to Brad Garrett, the former FBI profiler featured on Quinones’s 20/20 show about Stacey Burns murder, his response was “ask ABC news.” Now it is four years and eight months later. I have to watch the program again to refresh my memory about what was said. My, how time flies. . . .!

Further revisiting of my research over the years reveals other interesting tidbits of information. For example, I wonder if the detectives ever followed up on the rumors that still surface about this case,  rumors which some of my interviewees and others believe to be based on fact. I also wonder, and worry, actually, that maybe this is a classic example of tunnel vision on the part of the investigators. Crime novels and even true crime books mention this possibility on a regular basis. You know how it goes: latch onto a solid suspect then make sure the evidence points to that suspect-investigation over.

I would hope that those in a position to revisit the official “murder book” on the Stacey Burns case, such as a detective now assigned to the case, would do exactly what I am doing. Look at things again, trying to bring a different perspective to the same information. It’s been six years and eight months since Stacey Burns was murdered in her own bed. My, how time flies . . .

Isn’t it time to do something to remove a killer from the street before this horrible event fades, becoming just one of those distant memories? Sad to say but realistic none-the-less, it already has become just that to some folks who should care.