My last post regarding being civil and kind probably painted me as hopelessly naïve and unrealistic, at least to some who read my blog. So, I guess there is a need to clarify the two most important points in that post.

First, being civil and kind to other human beings is not a weakness but a strength. It means one is interested in what other people have to say and actually will listen to viewpoints different than theirs. Feeling compassion for others less fortunate is not a weakness. It demonstrates strength of character. (See examples in the Bible under J. Christ.)

Second, hurling insults, spouting blatant bigotry, name calling, and making spurious, demeaning references to any group of people will deflect my attention from anyone attempting to win me over on important issues.

Being civil and kind does not mean buckling under the evils of the world. It means combating them with the best of human values and spirit. If this makes me hopelessly naïve, than I suppose I plead guilty as charged.