This is the sixth Thanksgiving that the family of Stacey Burns sat around a dinner table without her. I can’t imagine the grief and sadness which must grip that family all the time, let alone on special holiday occasions.

We can only hope that her name was mentioned during the blessings part of the dinner in the homes of everyone who knew and loved her, not just her family. If it wasn’t, it should have been, if only to let it be known that she is not forgotten

So, Happy Thanksgiving, Stacey! Here is an update on your murder case.

  1. The killer (or killers) continue(s) to enjoy freedom to do what they wish on these special holidays. They probably enjoyed a special meal with special people in their lives on Thanksgiving.
  2. Your case has, according to a highly placed source in law enforcement,  “not been declared a cold case, YET.” (Capitalization is mine for emphasis) Others contend that it has been reclassified as a cold case. Officials who could address this issue in public have not yet done so.
  3. Your memory still burns bright in the hearts of many.
  4. The passion of law enforcement for bringing in your killer(s) has obviously diminished somewhat since May, 2009, a natural but sad phenomenon as more recent cases take precedence. (Or, they believe they have the case solved but without the 100 per cent assurance for the prosecutor that he would be able to secure a conviction.)   Once again, as I have mentioned before, every one of us, with the exception of her killer(s), must be praying that not another Thanksgiving comes and goes without a solution to this hideous crime. Duke