Happy New Year!

There have not been many posts over this busy season (One since Christmas Eve!) but one New Year’s Resolution is to never allow more than three days to pass without a post from me on this blog.

This post returns to a familiar topic-the Stacey Burns murder- but first a progress report on my new novel. I will be meeting with the publisher by the end of January to arrange details for publication of the currently titled The Tipping Point, a title that likely will be changed before all is said and done. Those who have read Cracks in the Wall will remember the character of Alex Prohl. In case you want to know what happened next after Cracks in the Wall,  you’ll surely want to read The Tipping Point or whatever it might be called when it is actually published. Detective Parker Havenot  is once again a major player in the plot. More information will be available as publishing time approaches.

The “Surprised” in the title of this comes from my reaction to the lack of comments on a post titled “Who Accepts This?'” published just before Christmas. That post alludes to comments regarding the murder of Stacey Burns made by a contributor to this blog, including things like “the murderer is well known” (to police), “he will never be brought to justice,” and “leave them (the police) alone and accept it.” Hopefully, this is not where the status of this crime stands as we move toward the ninth anniversary in a few more months.

Anyway, with best wishes for all to have a wonderful, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!