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Happy New Year, New Book, and Surprised

Happy New Year!

There have not been many posts over this busy season (One since Christmas Eve!) but one New Year’s Resolution is to never allow more than three days to pass without a post from me on this blog.

This post returns to a familiar topic-the Stacey Burns murder- but first a progress report on my new novel. I will be meeting with the publisher by the end of January to arrange details for publication of the currently titled The Tipping Point, a title that likely will be changed before all is said and done. Those who have read Cracks in the Wall will remember the character of Alex Prohl. In case you want to know what happened next after Cracks in the Wall,  you’ll surely want to read The Tipping Point or whatever it might be called when it is actually published. Detective Parker Havenot  is once again a major player in the plot. More information will be available as publishing time approaches.

The “Surprised” in the title of this comes from my reaction to the lack of comments on a post titled “Who Accepts This?'” published just before Christmas. That post alludes to comments regarding the murder of Stacey Burns made by a contributor to this blog, including things like “the murderer is well known” (to police), “he will never be brought to justice,” and “leave them (the police) alone and accept it.” Hopefully, this is not where the status of this crime stands as we move toward the ninth anniversary in a few more months.

Anyway, with best wishes for all to have a wonderful, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


10 Responses to Happy New Year, New Book, and Surprised

  • Van says:

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    Stay with Stacey. Some of the other cases I have paid attention to have claimed after twenty years, the murderer was found. Pitiful, I know. But I am a firm believer that justice does win in the long run. It’s sad, but true. Perhaps this year. More power to you.

  • Wayne says:

    Jim of course is referring to Ed as the “known” killer. He’s been saying the same thing for nearly a decade and as the other prime suspect it would behoove him to pursue that course. The vast majority seems comfortable with accusing either Ed or Jim as the murderer who snuffed out Stacey Burns. Then there are those that pursue a yet unnamed 3rd suspect. There is even a lone accuser (me) who believes Stacey’s murder was part of a plot to protect a named and very well-known lawyer in town from other crimes his law firm was engaging in including illegal drugs, real estate fraud and extortion. This accuser (me again) also believes Roberta Miller’s murder was carried out by the same group of people that killed Stacey Burns. No one seems comfortable considering that possibility not even the police as not a single question has ever been asked of this individual (you guessed it, me again). From my very limited experience, asking questions seem to be the most fundamentally basic step during an investigation. Therefore with Duke Southard’s ok I will answer one or more questions on this site that I feel pertinent to this investigation:

    Q. Why do you think you have anything to contribute to this investigation that should warrant interest from the investigators?

    A. Both Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller murders fit the same profile right down to the same lawyer and law firm representing both of them. Roberta Miller complained on a court document about this law firm and this law firm “owned” this court. Stacey’s murder also occurred 17 days after I started marketing a crude book titled “the truth about divorce and family law; the lawyers don’t want you to know”. In this book I made reference to the tactics used by this law firm that are both unethical and illegal including a violation of basic constitutional rights. I referenced on multiple occasions how these illegal and unethical tactics could get someone killed. Stacey was my child’s school nurse; we probably met (although I don’t remember meeting her) when I picked up my child from school on two separate occasions; our stories are eerily similar including a contentious divorce involving this same law firm. EXCEPT my contention ultimately wasn’t with my ex-wife but with the lawyers involved including both my lawyers and a Florida lawyer that had a financial interest in the outcome of our divorce. I have made numerous allegations against these lawyers including to the Supreme Court attorney Discipline office. This lawyer controlled branch of government rejected my complaint and appeal on a statute of limitations technicality without any investigation AFTER the murder of Stacey Burns. However this same committee suspended the license of Ed Burn’s lawyer 3 weeks after this murder and 2 weeks after I had written our elected officials in Washington DC alerting them to this murder and the possible connection to this law firm. Stacey’s murder also occurred just 6 weeks after former Wolfeboro police commissioner Jim Lowery was arrested in Illinois with more than two million dollars’ worth of illegal drugs in his possession. Jim Lowery is a well-known close associate of this same lawyer.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. What is my interest in this murder investigation?

    A. Does anyone remember the movie “Phenomenon” with John Travolta? He was struck by a bolt of light and was instantly gifted with this incredible intellect. That’s kind of how I feel about my bolt of light moment involving the same law firm that misrepresented both Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller. Incredibly through my experience I can follow the pattern of events that occurred that leads me to my conclusions. However just like in this movie no one seemingly gives a dam (trust me some do). In a sick and twisted way this is kind of funny. I can picture the “great and powerful Lizard of Wolfeboro” smiling knowing that he has committed nearly the perfect crime. Like most psychopaths he secretly craves the recognition thus his demeanor is not shaken by my revelations. The interesting part is watching all his “accomplices” scurry like rats exposed by the light. They unwittingly (but not innocently) have been made accomplices to his crimes including murder. That is why the architect of these murders will never be charged and why true justice will remain unattainable. The actual killer-rat may someday be arrested but it will never be allowed to lead back to the disease infested rats nest. That is my “bolt of light” knowledge moment that brought me into this pretend murder investigation.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. Do you despise all lawyers?

    A. As a kid I wanted to be a lawyer – Perry Mason like. When my oldest graduated from high school I wanted him to become a lawyer. I have lawyers in my family. I have the greatest respect for the true legal profession and why I was such an easy mark for these Criminals Posing as Lawyers: Lawyers do not set their clients up to be raped and pillaged; Lawyers do not frame their clients for crimes regardless of guilt or innocence; Lawyers do not play judge, jury and executioner; Lawyers do not abuse their clients constitutional rights; Lawyers do not abuse the children of clients and rape and pillage their future; and lawyers do not murder their clients. Any suggestion that these lawyers (in title only) or the government agency tasked with overseeing these lawyers is acting legally or ethically is a fraud and a despicable perversion of justice. These are not lawyers by any standard. The barrel is rotten and these criminals posing as lawyers have anointed themselves not only above the law, but above God and Country as well.

    Q. Do you fear these so-called criminals posing as lawyers?

    A. Absolutely! However there was a saying when I was growing up: “a man with nothing has nothing to lose”. I have been attacked and betrayed by the very people entrusted and contracted to protect my rights and the devastating effect it had upon my life and that of my children’s is undeniable. For instance the property attorney X was attempting to extort was originally purchased as an investment in my children’s education. At its peak it was worth about $100,000. My oldest received $10,000 from the eventual sale of this property towards his education and my youngest will receive $0, (nothing, zippo, nada). The fact that my lawyer was the former NH Education chairman should be of interest because he was appointed top educator one year AFTER violating my rights and his oath in helping at least 3 lawyers cover-up their crimes. I suspect he had tremendous support from attorney X and this powerful law firm in obtaining the top educators position. The fact that Stacey Burns was murdered 17 days after I started marketing my book and Roberta Miller was murdered after she complained on a court document about this same law firm involved in her divorce is more than an incredible coincidence. It is my belief that they killed the wrong person twice and won’t be making that mistake a 3rd time.

    Q. Why didn’t they just kill you or your ex to throw the suspicion onto you instead of an innocent woman that had nothing to do with your divorce?

    A. I had just written a book that was getting attention especially from the legal profession. Killing me then would have brought attention to this book. The better alternative was to throw suspicion onto me that I might be a murderer looking to gain attention. Unfortunately I believe Stacey Burns was targeted because of the similarities we had in common including being my child’s school nurse. I believe the incident that occurred the night before her death saved me from becoming the prime suspect in her murder. I immediately abandoned this book to take away any possible appearance of a motive on my part to commit this murder. I believe Ed Burns alibi was not a coincidence and she was killed on Mother’s day because it was the only opportunity they had to eliminate Ed as a suspect to place the suspicion onto me. I believe Jim Vittum to be an unintended victim of her murder. I believe my ex was not targeted because she was directly connected to this lawyer and I would have immediately known who killed her and why.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. Why are you so obsessed with the Stacey Burns murder?

    A. Stacey Burn’s murder was a road block preventing me from obtaining justice against no less than 4 lawyers including both my attorney criminals. When I learned of the Burns’ divorce connection to this same law firm that controlled my divorce I wrote out elected leaders in Washington. Two weeks later Ed Burns’ lawyers’ license was suspended for a previous infraction that had occurred four years earlier (one of several infractions this lawyer had on his record). When I filed my complaint with this lawyer controlled overseeing board I suspect my letters to these Washington leaders had been forwarded to this committee. Therefore they likely knew of me before I even filed my official complaint. This committee then rejected my complaint and appeal on a bogus statute of limitations technicality. Bogus for several reasons but mainly because any attempted cover-up of the crimes by the offending party(s) automatically waves the statute of limitation technicality. From the moment my ex started feeding me information about her lawyer’s interest in property we owned this became a cover-up. I unwittingly told my lawyers what she was telling me and the cover-up began. This committee also became involved in the cover-up because of the Stacey Burns murder. Her murder “seemingly” fit a profile of other murders involving contentious divorces in New Hampshire. This is the motive why this lawyer would choose to murder one of his firm’s clients – to gain the protection from this lawyer controlled government agency for the other crimes they were engaging in including the crimes they committed against me and my children.

    Q. Why should we believe your “theory” on who killed Stacey Burns?

    A. At this point I really don’t give a dam who believes my theory or not (try looking at the facts). The adult members of Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller families can have their own opinions and choose to believe whatever they want. My interest is in linking this law firm to these murders so that I can finally gain the justice I have sought for a dozen years (it’s likely never coming, but I will never stop seeking it). They can stack these lawyer criminals from here to the moon and I will never believe this law firm and their illegal and unethical practices were not connected to these murders. They can and will continue to project me as a “person of interest” in these murders to “shun” me but it will never whitewash the truth; a truth that EVERY lawyer, judge, and politician worth their weight in salt knows to be true: The lawyer system in New Hampshire is corrupt and out of control! Stacey Burns was almost certainly killed to gain protection for other crimes this law firm and their associates were engaging in and Roberta Miller was likely killed to eliminate a potential and “willing” witness. This is the new rendition of 21st century organized crime; same as the old.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. Why don’t you just let this go?

    A. Letting things go is EXACTLY what landed me in this predicament in the first place: I let so much go these lawyers mistakenly took me for a jelly fish without a backbone. By the time they realized they had made a serious mistake they were in so deep they were facing criminal charges and disbarment IF the truth were exposed. After the arrest of the former police commissioner for intent to distribute illegal drugs I believe they escaladed their crimes to include murder. There is no letting this go now as this criminal syndicate will never let this go. The execution of Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller should be all the evidence anyone should need that we are not in Kansas anymore.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. Why hasn’t the media become more involved?

    A. All my life I’ve been considered a liberal thinker. I was and still remain 100% in support of equal rights (not superior rights). I despised George W. Bush and Donald Trump would never have had my support had it not been for that bolt of light moment in my life. That moment came on April 24, 2005 when I was arrested for domestic abuse. What I did not know at the time was how far evil this this agenda had turned. Not only was I subject to arrest and eviction from my home on an accusation alone, I was already deemed guilty of the crime without ever having the opportunity to defend myself. I learned the meaning of the term “incompetent men’s attorney” first-hand as both my lawyer’s played their roles to the max. However the hidden involvement of a Florida lawyer in my divorce violated even the most liberal definitions of this role. Thus a 2nd role emerged – the cover-up. Just like the original role my character came under attack once again. It went so far as having my 2nd lawyer threaten me by claiming I threatened him and calling the police on me. This was about as arrogant and cocky an accusation as has ever been recorded. He did this on a letter ONE DAY after receiving my complaint by CERTIFIED MAIL. I sent this report while following the advice of the NHBA recommended procedure for settling a dispute with a lawyer. I was hoping to settle my complaint against both my lawyers and opposing counsel “quietly”. I even down played my 2nd lawyers role so as not to escalate my complaint beyond the involvement of the Florida lawyer in my divorce. However being threatened by my lawyer and having my character attacked once again changed everything. I could no longer “turn the other cheek” and needed to respond to these demeaning allegations against me by the very lawyers hired to protect me. Unfortunately it would need to be done without the aid of legal representation as it simply was/is not available. NOTE: One year after my divorce my lawyer became the highest educator in New Hampshire and was a virtual lock to be the republican nominee for governor in 2012. He withdrew his name from consideration for governor and resigned his chairmanship on the education board after I distributed a booklet titled “Divorce (Lawyers) from Hell” to 23 state senators and other elected leaders.

    Q. So what does all that have to do with the media?

    A. Everything! Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller murders appear to be related to their divorces and the role lawyers assume in divorce. Lawyers are the champions of women’s rights and thus protected from legal repercussions for violating the rights and contractual obligations of their male clients. I know this to be 100% true and accurate, so you can bet all the lawyers of any consequence know this to also be true. Thus the media has a dilemma. If what I’m alleging is true then Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller were killed to gain protection from both the NHBA and the Media. This makes both the NHBA and the Media “accomplices” to these murders and the true architects of these murders protected by this unconstitutional role that is likely the worst kept secret in Concord New Hampshire (think “The Emperor’s new clothes” fable and the “fake media” allegation).

    Q. Why would the NHBA and the Media protect murderers?

    A. Follow the money and the power! Family law and divorce is the cash cow of the lawyer industry. Without those bread and butter staples many a lawyer would be working in other industries. The not so subtle goal of the media is to empower woman’s rights and sacrifices are required. Amy Warf was likely one such sacrifice. She was murdered by her ex-husband in a dispute over custody of their baby. Her murder fit the same profile of Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller murders. However the Miller and Burn’s murders may not be part of that profile after all. They were likely killed to appear to be part of that profile. This implicates a government agency in her murder and the media for failing to report the truth.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. You seem to have very strong conviction that your theory is true. So why does no one believe you?

    A. The question is not who believes me but who has the courage to step forward and admit to believing me (and others who have made similar allegations). These allegations are likely being portrayed politically and as an attack on the state of New Hampshire. Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller murders were criminal acts – not political. The cover-up IS an attack on the state of New Hampshire. Pedophile priests did not sink the Catholic Church; the cover-up of their crimes by the Church’s leadership did. “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up”.

    – Over at Politico, James Robenalt claims that Richard Nixon “did not have to lose his presidency over the bungled break-in” because “there is no evidence that Nixon knew about the Watergate break-in before it happened.” Therefore, the problem for Nixon was his foolish decision to cover up the crime, …

  • Wayne says:

    Q. Do you think the state police are intentionally “covering-up” these murders?

    A. ABSOLUTELY NOT – That is not how it works. When a lawyer or law firm is in danger of being exposed for a “serious crime” it all depends on the prominence of the lawyer’s involved that determines what happens from there. Little power equals little protection; great power equals great protection. When the crime SEEMINGLY involves family law then that protection quadruples. The crimes leading up to Stacey Burn’s murder involve not only very serious crimes but very powerful lawyers, law firms, judges and government officials. “FIXING” an investigation at the state level is child’s play for the most powerful special interest syndicate in USA history. Thus no one on the front lines needs to be directly involved in a cover-up (Sargent Brian Strong or the other investigators). The cover-up exists at a much higher level. They just were unaware at any level that their unwritten, unethical and unconstitutional policies likely resulted in one or two murders. I can promise you one thing: They are not happy about it at any level. The fact that a simpleton like me can decipher their code is a clear indication something needs fixing.

    Q. Seriously, do you think you are some sort of genius or something?

    A. If I were a genius I would have never fallen into this trap in the first place. It would not have taken me a decade to figure this out and I would be smart enough to keep my mouth shut now. However I’m just a very “PISSED OFF AMERICAN” that had my life trampled over by the very lawyers hired to protect my rights. The lawyer I believe is directly responsible for the murders of Stacey Burn’s and Roberta Miller was NOT the primary lawyer responsible for the destruction of my life. Those lawyers are hiding behind this killer lawyer and law firm like a terrorist that hides in a day care center. In order to expose both my lawyers for the very serious crimes they committed against me I must first expose this organized crime syndicate and the powers that be that are protecting them. This killer lawyer could never have done from the outside what my lawyers did from the inside.

  • Wayne says:

    Q. You seem to take Stacey Burn’s murder very personal and hell-bent on nailing attorney X and this law firm for her murder, why is that?

    A. Because attorney X was hell-bent on nailing me and to “punish” me long before Stacey Burn’s murder ever took place. STACEY BURN’S MURDER FITS HIS M.O. He used my ex against me. He used both my lawyers against me. He used his law firm’s position within the legal and political systems of New Hampshire against me. The murder of Stacey Burns fits his M.O. by also turning the New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office against me. This has made it impossible for me to get any semblance of justice in New Hampshire for any reason.

    Q. You sound like a paranoid nut-job, why should anyone believe you?

    A. I don’t give a @#$% whether the general public believes me or not. I am answering these questions for those with the impartiality, intelligence and courage to consider the facts. I want attorney X, his criminal associates and the legal community to know that I know. There was a saying when I was young: “You can fool all of the people some of the time – you can fool some of the people all of the time – but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. The murder of Stacey Burns fits the M.O. of attorney X. He had/has the connections and motive to have her killed. And his profile I know from personal experience fits his character. He didn’t wield the weapon that took two lives but he was likely the power and beneficiary behind it.

    Q. Will you ever tire of making these murder accusations against some of the most upstanding citizens in New Hampshire?

    A. Yes, I’m tired of it now. Albert Einstein is credited with having said “a fool is someone that keeps doing the same thing expecting different results”. My allegations along with my official complaints (and constitutional rights) have been dismissed for nearly a decade. Unfortunately it’s the only legal platform available to me at the present time. Despite the “shunning” I have endured I am well aware of the effects my allegations have had on these so-called “upstanding citizens”. This can only happen if what I’m saying is true and provable. My allegations are backed by two manuscripts (aka: books, booklets, etc.) and two official reports sent to numerous elected leaders, the state police and FBI. Although it’s rare to even get an acknowledgement I see the results in resignations and other changes in leadership. My theories hold water and the powers that be know it. Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller murders fit the M.O. and profile of this lawyer and law firm; If the families of these victims don’t care enough to demand answers than it’s not my place to force the issue. I will seek other venues to obtain justice as I have in the past. I’m planning on writing another book/booklet tentatively titled “LAWYERS ABOVE GOD AND COUNTRY” with the same platform as my first. Unless of course I’m “eliminated” before it’s completed. In which case I hope it’s called “SUICIDE BY LAWYER”; although obviously someone else will have to finish that book.

    Q. “Eliminated”, dam you are paranoid?

    A. Tell that to Stacey Burns and Roberta Miller. If they were alive today I am certain they would agree with me.

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