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4 Responses to Green Valley News article

  • Jamie says:

    Just read your above link to Green Valley news. In it the writer refers to Jim as a “prime suspect” as told to him by a dectective here in NH. I called this dectective a bit on the angry side and he all but denied it. He tried to pass the buck on to the GVN writer playing it down like he barely even spoke to the guy. He stuttered. He stammered. He lied. I like the part where he says he’s waiting for Jim to “crack”. Gonna be a long wait buddy. For years my family, my children were greatly affected almost daily by this mess.The hurtful speculation of some. Crazy rumors. No one likes to hear crazy rumors about their parent especially during those crucial teen years. They survived it. We all survived it despite some of you and because of some of you. I want you all to know, all 600 of you, that I am so proud of my family. That includes Jim. Although he may not have always handled situations the way I would have he has stood strong in his defense of Stacey. Now all I can do is HOPE. That is one thing I will not give up. HOPE.

  • shirlee valo says:

    Great review of your new book, Duke. Congratulations on the high marks Shearer gives it and on its launch tomorrow! Looks like it has already shaken up some New Hampshire people, but as you said above, it would be so nice if the review and the new novel could lead to some important new revelations about the cold case. Wish we could be there to celebrate the launch with you tomorrow. It must be so exciting!


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