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Good Overcomes Evil

A thoughtful comment on my posts encouraging some sort of action on the part of those affected by the murders of Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller made me think about a major theological issue with two subheadings. 

As you may guess from the title of this piece, it is about good versus evil in this world of ours. This is a subject that easily divides into two realities. On the one hand, don’t we all expect that “justice will be served” or “Karma will win out?”  However, the comment mentioned above talks about a crime solved twenty eight years after the fact because a woman turned in evidence which brings up the second reality. How long can the average person affected by such a crime expect to wait for that justice or that karma?

There are people (Stacey’s mom, for one) who passed away before seeing that justice done or that karma visited upon the killer. This, then, enters into the faith/religion realm. In whose lifetime do these things have to be solved? Believe in the afterlife? Then you have a lot of time. Don’t believe in the afterlife? Then I assume you want these solved NOW!

From the reactions to my suggestion for a huge march on the Attorney General’s Office, I’ll assume that is not even a remote possibility. I guess we just keep waiting- for karma, for justice, or just for time to erase all memory of these special human beings taken by pure cruelty and viciousness. 


2 Responses to Good Overcomes Evil

  • jim says:

    The way i see it, after waiting 10 years, Stacey will get no justice for her sacrifice. Strelzin will take those answers to his grave (ask Fred Murray how it feels knowing the answers are being kept secret and his daughters killer is being protected) Having said that, i pray Massachusetts can get justice for the dude with a hole in his back. My congratulations to Ed, he pulled off the perfect murder in the perfect state. Ed has been the only person in this whole affair that did what he promised. And ya, nobody cares enough to protest. I thought about dousing myself with gasoline and setting myself on fire on the capitol building steps but didn’t want to give jeffie that satisfaction.

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