The murderer of Stacey Burns has to believe that he/she has gotten away with committing that horrendous crime. My readers are likely becoming weary of my harping on this subject but the frustration keeps me coming back to it.

Could this be the reason? On March 3, 2009, just two months before Stacey Burns was killed, the person who would become the lead investigator of her murder, Sergeant Steven Rowland of the New Hampshire State Police Major Crimes Unit, was quoted in the New Hampshire Business Review. Here’s what he said.

“Our primary responsibility is certainly our current cases. We are pretty much 24-7 keeping up with current stuff.” That was two months before Stacey was killed. We must assume that Stacey’s case became “current stuff” on May 9, 2009. We can also assume that it no longer is. If the homicide division is still working 24-7 on the current stuff, where do you suppose the file on Stacey Burns is? I’m guessing it is not anywhere near the top of the pile.

Anyone interested should look up that article in the New Hampshire Business Review. It is quite interesting in retrospect, published as it was just two months before Stacey’s death. It does contain some surprising quotes. In the next post, I’ll mention a couple from Scott Gilbert, the detective currently “working” on the Stacey Burns case.