At the program on September 29th, someone asked this question: (which I will paraphrase)

Given where I am now in the process of writing a true crime book about the murder of Stacey Burns, what would I need to complete the narrative short of an arrest and subsequent trial and conviction?

I didn’t have to think for very long and here is the first answer which came to mind. I have sections of the book relating to Stacey’s friends; I have sections relating to her professional colleagues; I have sections relating to her life in Wolfeboro during the two years prior to her death. Among several areas I do not have covered is the necessary backstory from her family’s perspective. This, I said at the program, is a large hole in the story of Stacey Burns. I also said I respect their decision not to take part in the project but hope that some day they might trust me enough to share what Stacey meant to them and how important I’m sure she was in the family. I’d also be interested in knowing what they think of the way the investigation is going.

Until that happens, Stacey’s story will be incomplete. Tomorrow, another frustration . . .