Here is what I told a reporter while I was back in New Hampshire.

“If I were a detective for the New Hampshire State Police investigating the Stacey Burns murder case, I would want to talk to me.” It is now an astounding four years and five months since Stacey was murdered. I’m certain that the investigation has been thorough and complete. However, what would be the harm in sifting through information I’ve gleaned over the last three years? There may be absolutely nothing new, nothing that the police have not examined in great detail. This offer has been made before in different formats and I can only assume that the authorities feel that I have nothing to contribute. That may be true, but, returning to the “what if” of my fiction writing, what if there is something?

Frustration # 2 is simply the fact that 1604 days have passed and the authorities continue to less than forthcoming with information. The public continues to be left to ponder why there has not been an arrest and to wonder what is missing that prevents the case from moving forward.

Tomorrow, frustration # 3  will be discussed. Here is a hint: it is a personal one, having to do with my motivation and my integrity.