After most literary programs I present. a common question is this: Where do you get ideas or the inspiration for your stories? With the newly revised edition of A Favor Returned the question is an easy one to answer. The book has a new jacket design and the event pictured in the black and white photo was the inspiration for the story. Dad Race Car 21 (4)The “what if” question of novel writing comes to the forefront here. So, the driver miraculously survived. So what? What if there is a destiny for this driver? What if his survival dramatically affects lives of others in the distant future? What if it turns out that it might be better if her didn’t survive? These are the types of questions that send story tellers and novelists scurrying to their favorite method of writing to construct a story around what  was a fairly common occurrence on the half mile dirt tracks of the fifties. See A Favor Returned for my answers to these questions!