As mentioned in recent post, I am reading portions of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns to the Green Valley Writers Forum, a small group of professional and beginning writers who act as a critique group.

This week, I read the beginning of the chapter which describes what happened on Friday night and Saturday the weekend when Stacey Burns was stabbed to death. The group was struck, as I was at the time of my interviews back then, with the variations in the stories from different perspectives, even down to when a confrontation took place at Stacey’s home. This is one of those examples illustrating my use of the phrase, “degrees of truth.”

How, one might ask, could there be disagreement over when an actual event took place?

Well, there was, and far as I know, still is such disagreement. Unfortunately, the longer this goes on, the less chance of there being a consensus on what happened, not just in this story but so many other aspects of this horrible crime.