Several of my correspondents have sent me the link to the Fox News report on the murder of Stacey Burns and I thank you them for that. I have several questions based on that news report and wondered if anyone else might have had similar questions.

First, one person mentioned that the interview with Jim Vittum was filmed a year ago. Is this true? If so, did I miss Fox News mentioning that it was an old interview?

Second, the report indicated that the investigation is active and ongoing. I for one am glad to hear that but my question concerns exactly what is being done. “Active” and “ongoing” have quite definitive meanings, all of them showing forward momentum. Would it be too much to expect for the public to receive an up-to-date status report of this investigation? After all, if it is active, that means something is happening. If it is ongoing, it is continuing. In both cases, there must be something, even if it is just a crumb of information, that the public can know. For example, has Ed Burns been cleared in this case? Has Jim Vittum? Have others whose names have been mentioned to me from a wide variety of sources?

Third, speaking of Mr. Burns, Fox News stated that they asked for him to take part in this report but heard nothing from either him or his lawyer. Why is that? What harm would be done if we had an update on how the children are doing or what is his opinion of the investigation into the death of his former wife?

So, we head into the sixth year, which already is looking like the previous one, and the one before that, etc.

The murder was an unspeakable crime; the lack of an arrest is also a crime in its own right.

If I am incorrect about anything above, please let me know.