If you are tired of this “countdown” please let me hear from you!

In January, I mentioned in a post that perhaps the changes in political leadership in New Hampshire would bring about some pressure to solve the Stacey Burns murder. Those reading this blog are aware of a fifteen page document that an ambitious individual sent to every conceivable law enforcement agency, asking legitimate questions about the investigation. Included was a petition signed by over 4000 people asking that sufficient resources be allocated to solve this crime. Well, here we are.

The countdown to the eighth anniversary now stands at just forty-six days. We all would love to hear about the increased efforts and progress in finding this poor woman’s killer.

We all have heard of murder cases that are solved many years later. My question, as usual, is how long are we willing to wait? I did not know Stacey personally yet I get a sick feeling in my stomach knowing that the person who killed her is still free almost eight years later. I can’t imagine what it must be like for her family and close friends.

Wouldn’t  you like to know what exactly has been done since this “countdown” began in January? Who knows? Maybe hundreds of hours have been spent revisiting all aspects of this murder. No onw will ever know what efforts are being expended if those in authority don’t tell us.

My bet is on the eighth anniversary coming and going without any change. What’s yours?