December 25, 2013 will mark the fifth Christmas that the children of Stacey Burns will be without their mother and the rest of her family and friends will be missing her as well. Now the family is dealing with further loss and fathomless grief.  I hope (and pray) on a daily basis that the reason I do not hear of any progress in solving Stacey’s murder is simply because I am “out of the loop” out here in Arizona. I have the feeling that this may not be the case and I would love to hear from someone who could reassure me that the police are closer to providing some solace to a devastated family. I can’t imagine the depth of sorrow as Christmas, 2013 approaches.

Meanwhile, a killer is able to celebrate holidays and birthdays and anniversaries as if nothing has happened. There is something dreadfully wrong with this picture.

Next, a progress report on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. . .