DukeSouthardWebProfileI guess my mention of not seeing much “fire in the eyes” of those seeking justice for Stacey Burns struck a chord, or, more likely, a nerve with some folks. Here is my definition of fire in the eyes. As always, feel free to comment, disagree, or agree as you see fit. This definition applies to both groups mentioned in my previous post. (Law enforcement and those who loved Stacey Burns)

Fire in the eyes to me simply means the same look that everyone had in the days immediately after the murder. I lived in Tuftonboro in May of 2009. I saw first hand in people whom I knew the classic disbelief always followed by a determined “something has to be done” look. ( a fire in their eyes) The police investigators must have had that same determination early on.

Of course, there are some who still burn with indignation that Stacey’s killer walks free. My comment was not meant to insult anyone. It was meant as a statement of the reality of the situation. I will stick with it. The fires of the search for justice are not burning with the same ferocity. The choice of whether those flames can be stoked again out of the embers of memory or simply turn into just cold ashes remains with, as mentioned before, law enforcement and those who loved Stacey Burns.

To those retaining that fire, Stacey would say thank you. To those who want to move on and put her death behind them, no matter which group you happen to be in., from what I have learned about her, she would understand.  She might wonder why, however.