Tonight, I received a nasty and hurtful email because of a recent post on this blog concerning the Stacey Burns murder case. The message attacked my motivation, my integrity, and my character. The source is one close enough to the case for me to know that what was expressed in that email is felt by others as well.

Because of this email, there will be no more posts from me about the Stacey Burns murder. I have spent  too much time ,too much money, and too much effort in trying to do the right thing in this case to be treated like this. I’ve tried to help in what I thought was the right way, only to be asked in the email “have you no shame?,” or told “you have crossed the line,” or accused of using Stacey’s last night “as a source of entertainment.”

Those who follow this blog have heard all my reasons for being involved in such a project. All profits were to go to Stacey’s children. (There haven’t been any and will now never be.) Justice for this poor woman should be served. (It  hasn’t been yet and who knows if it will ever be.) The family and friends deserve some kind of closure. (The Fallacy of Closure?)

To the family and friends of Stacey Burns, I wish only that the peace of a solution would come sooner rather then later. To those who feel that I did something wrong in allowing opinions to be expressed here, I would respectfully disagree. When there seems to be nothing else happening, why not try to make something happen?

I will admit to being deeply offended and feeling like I received a hard punch in the stomach at the harshness of the criticism. Those who know me know that I can take deserved criticism as well as anyone. However, in this case, it is overwhelming and has made me question everything I’ve done for the past seven and half years or more in regard to this horrible crime.

So, the Stacey Burns murder case has lost an advocate and a spokesperson whose purpose evolved into just trying to keep Stacey’s murder at the forefront in the eyes of the public and the police, trying to bring about its resolution. Perhaps someone else will decide to establish a blog for this purpose.

For a while, responses to past posts will continue to be published until the blog is revised.

Good luck, New Hampshire State Police! I hope your open, ongoing, intense investigation continues as the ninth anniversary approaches.  I’m sure, as we heard several years ago, an arrest is imminent.