I am writing this at 40,000 feet on my way home to Arizona after an interesting weekend in New Hampshire. An earlier blog outlined my goals for the weekend and here are just two of the results.

1. “Adventures of a True Crime Neophyte” was presented to an audience of about forty people on Sunday afternoon. It appeared to be well received with some excellent questions. I will admit to being surprised that certain people I expected might attend did not.  It was enervating to see so many old friends express an interest in the Stacey Burns project. It was also clear that there remains an element of fear and nervousness among some folks. This program and reactions to it will be detailed in a later blog.

2. My goal of seeing the inside of the Burns house was realized. This visit to the scene of the crime will provide an opportunity for future revision of some of the descriptions which are in the book.

Other goals were not achieved and these will be addressed in future blogs as well. The most revelatory part of the weekend for me was the realization that I need to stay with this project.

Much more on this New Hampshire part of the “East Coast Tour” will be detailed later.