On July 12, 2016, my post mentioned an encouraging sign in the Stacey Burns murder case. A source informed me that two New Hampshire State Police detectives drove to Wolfeboro and interviewed this source for over an hour about new information which seemed pertinent to the case. At the end of that interview, my source was told that they would “follow up” on that information.

This would seem to me to mean that the investigators would check out that information by going directly to the person claiming to know who killed Stacey Burns. While in Wolfeboro for the book signing this last weekend, I interviewed this person myself. The story told is a fascinating one and one which I would think the police could validate or dismiss in a very short time with the resources available to them.

It has been almost six weeks since that initial interview. In that time, no one in law enforcement has approached the individual for any kind of follow-up. Here are some conclusions that might logically be drawn from this. You choose whichever ones fit your idea of an explanation.

  1. The police know this individual and have already investigated his claims thoroughly.
  2. The police do not feel that either my source or the person mentioned in the initial interview have sufficient credibility for them to take the time to investigate the claims.
  3. The police already have their suspect and would rather not have any other possibilities muddy the waters.
  4. There is, indeed, a conspiracy surrounding Stacey’s death, a conspiracy reaching into many levels of the Wolfeboro community and even beyond.
  5. Despite being an “ongoing” investigation, the murder of Stacey Burns is not on a high priority list for anyone except her friends and family who continue to work to keep it in the public eye.

Three months into the eighth  year, folks . . .