First, a question- why would someone who praised the NHSP detective now working the Stacey Burns murder case in previous posts now refer to this officer as a “putz”  who is feeding me “BS?” Just wondering . . .

It is gratifying to have the response to my last post expressing some hope that the murder of Stacey Burns is still an active case. However, that being said, I believe over the last eight years, we’ve heard that before.

The difference this time is that I provided two specific contact points for the NHSP to follow on a “tip” from someone who had had nothing to do with this case up to this point. It seems to be “new” information.

I will be very disappointed if I contact these two folks in a week and find that they have not been contacted, if for no other reason than it is “new” or at least different information.

I do not believe in coincidences. When a friend I haven’t seen in years contacts me with information that might be relevant to the Stacey Burns murder, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to pass along the information, regardless of where it might lead. I can only hope that what I was told by the NHSP is true; that is, they will follow up on this information.

As mentioned, if I contact the two people in what seems to be a fair amount to time and find that they have not been contacted, I (and all of us) should be very disappointed, if only because a possible lead, no matter how slim the chance of success, should be run down. (in my opinion)

Into the 9th year by just one day. . .