At the risk of sounding like the proverbial broken record, I will say this one more time. Without police cooperation and the resulting corroboration of “facts” I have uncovered, these “facts” will suffer the fate of being relegated to the rumor and speculation junk pile.

Here is one “fact” which was “unequivocally” true when it was related to me about three years ago. Within the last month, I’ve been informed that it is rumor and has never been anything but rumor. Unfortunately, this is a grim, graphic, and unsettling fact. (or rumor-you take your choice) Stacey Burns was not only stabbed to death but her body had been subject to some degree of mutilation. I will be truthful: I hated to write that previous sentence but I am trying to establish that my sources have veracity working in their favor. This is a fact (or rumor, or speculation) that only very specific people would know.

If the police would confirm this as a fact, then someone knew much more than they should about the murder, likely by being told about it.

Conversely, if the police deny this is true, then this fact goes to the landfill of my mind, to be buried beneath the other flotsam and jetsam of innuendo floating about in there.

Bottom line- It is within the power of the investigators of this crime to inform the public of enough facts to choke off the rumor mill. Until they do, there will a never ending supply of possibilities, most of them with no merit whatsoever.

Next blog- another fact from several years ago . . .