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Embarrassed? Take the test!

For the record, I am an unequivocal supporter of law enforcement officials. They have an impossible job. However, so do many other people and everyone in any job should be held accountable. If you are a teacher, you should not be afraid of being judged. If you are an engineer, don’t be afraid of being judged. If you collect people’s refuse, don’t be afraid of being judged. If you are a parent, don’t be afraid of being judged.


The embarrassment mentioned in the last post created quite a bit of interest. It made me consider what causes embarrassment.

Here’s my humble start to this perplexing question.

1. I’m embarrassed if I see a no-question wrong being committed and I do nothing about it.

2. I’m embarrassed if I know that my behavior has caused other people to be embarrassed for me.

3. I’m embarrassed if I see a friend in need and make the decision not to  help them and I’m even more embarrassed if I see a stranger in need and decide not to help him

4. I’m embarrassed if I am in a position of authority and ignore or abuse that authority.

5. I’m embarrassed if people are depending on me and I let them down.

6. I’d be embarrassed if it were my responsibility to find a killer and six years later, that killer still walks around living his/her life.

Just a few of many in this category of reasons to be embarrassed-add your own if you like.

Thanks for participating!


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