The killer of Stacy Burns remains free six plus years after her murder. Bobbie Miller’s murderer remains free after  almost as long a time.

I sometimes wonder if anyone is embarrassed by these facts. For a while in my early days of a long teaching career, I worked at a Ford agency selling cars during the summer. The sales staff had a daily morning meeting to report our progress to the sale manager. I remember well the embarrassment of announcing to the staff the lack of any sales the day before. If the negative reports stretched out to four or five days, that embarrassment and the pressure to perform increased proportionately.

I wonder if the detectives assigned to and “working” on the two cases mentioned above report on their progress to their superiors on a regular basis. If so, what are they saying? If not, why not? I wonder if there is any embarrassment at the fact that these cases are still “Open, unsolved” after all this time. My sales manager back in the old days would not want to hear about possible customers. “I want these deals closed!” would be the more likely reaction.

The lives or Stacey Burns and Bobbie Miller cannot be compared to car deals, but the family and friends of these two women surely are entitled to have these cases closed. If not, than maybe an explanation of why they are not closed might be in order.