Our good Canadian friends often ask how the Stacey Burns murder case is coming as they are well aware of the long time I’ve been working on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

Lately, they have been asking an additional rhetorical question about our country, phrased something like this: What in the world is going on down there?

As just an ordinary citizen, I can only answer both questions from my limited perspective, and certainly not a powerful one.

First, how is the Stacey Burns murder case coming? Who knows? I can only admit to being embarrassed that the New Hampshire State Police and Attorney General’s Office, with all their resources, cannot make an arrest in a small town murder case which began over seven years ago. We no longer live in the state but did for forty years and we do feel an allegiance to its honor. However, the fact that the killer of Stacey Burns remains free is an embarrassment to me when I try to explain why this is true. It would seem that law enforcement should be feeling at least slightly embarrassed by their failure to have this case closed.

Second, What in the world is going on down there? This, of course, is a reference to the “campaign” for the presidency. To this question, I can only answer that I am ashamed. My pride in my country is fierce, but I am ashamed that supposed leaders or wannabe leaders are unable to observe basic rules of common courtesy, in debates and in other avenues of discourse.  I am ashamed that one candidate states that he doesn’t read, getting his news from television, when that same candidate rails against the biased electronic media and slanted news coverage on that medium. I am ashamed that the incredibly complex issues facing the country and the world are simplified into one line sound bites, barely addressed or ignored altogether.

Feeling embarrassed and ashamed is not  comfortable, but I have no other answer for our friends from the north. I surely wish I did. The people of Wolfeboro, America, and the world deserve better than we are getting right now on seemingly all fronts.

Sorry for the soap box rant!