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Eleven Suspects

Some of this you’ve heard before but it may bear repeating. While going through my notes taken from interviews, comments to this blog, phone calls and emails, I found the names of eleven possible suspects in the murder of Stacey Burns. Several of them I have specifically mentioned to the police and asked if they would do a follow up of some sort, even if it was only a phone call.

Is it safe to assume that all eleven have been cleared after nine and a half years? If not, have any that are questionable been reinterviewed?

How are plans coming for that May 11, 2019 town hall type meeting with authorities coming along?


3 Responses to Eleven Suspects

  • jim says:

    Retired detective Stephen Roland, well respected and the first lead on this case told me right after the 20/20 show aired that he had ONLY TWO suspects. Me and Eddie the knife. Stacey’s brother said something similar, and i quote ” there are two suspects, we don’t believe Ed did this so that only leaves the other fellow”. Stacey was loved by ALL, 11 suspects? Right, and Trump colluded w/ Putin to steal our presidential election.My plans for this mothersday are all set.

    • Please read my post again, Jim. Over the course of nine years, I have had people supply me with the names of eleven people who may have been motivated to murder Stacey. Of course, some are outrageous, but others are not. I’d just like to know if the ones I submitted to the police were checked out (thoroughly, not a perfunctory phone call)

      And whatever does Putin have to do with it??
      Glad to hear you are all set for Mothers’ Day.

      • jim says:

        Exactly, Putin did nothing just like your 10 other suspects. Trump won and Ed killed Stacey, simple as that, accept,get over it and move on.

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