It’s been eleven days since I posted the “disillusionment” piece about what appears to be a lack of follow up to a tip about the Stacey Burns case that I sent to the NHSP.  I’ll admit that I didn’t expect any response, not did I expect any response from the next post about five hundred and fifty people reading it.

Here is why I didn’t expect any response and this may be coming only from frustration so please bear with me. I am beginning to believe what I do not want to believe. The killer of Stacey Burns murder will remain free until his or her dying day. Despite constant assurances that the case is being worked, and is open and active, I am beginning to side with those (and there are many)who say this case will never be closed. The reason given for this belief are as varied as those who espouse it, but it surely looks as though the effort to find this killer is not even close to the forefront in the minds of investigators.  Where is the Stacey Burns murder book?  How often is it opened? How often are key people reinterviewed?

As mentioned so many times before in this blog, I hope I am completely mistaken but would dearly love to hear from someone to prove me wrong.