Of course, everyone cares about bringing the murderer of Stacey Burns to justice. By the way, bringing someone to justice is such a tired and worn-out cliché that I can’t believe I just used it!

You know what is coming next in this logical sequence of events. If everyone cares, then each person reading this, or even hearing about it, is asking right now, a very simple question: What have I done to help make this happen?

I’ll begin with me, a very good place to start. I have NO standing; the police can ignore me; Stacey’s family can ignore me; her friends can wish I would go away; the community of Wolfeboro can wish the whole issue would go away; in plain and simple English, my efforts with this blog, with countless interviews, with multiple trips to New Hampshire from Arizona, with registered letters to important principles in the case, with newspaper interviews, and with attempts to involve the family in helping me–so far, all this has been meaningless because NOTHING has happened. However, I can honestly say that I have tried.

So, I ask any one of you- how have you aided in the quest to see that the killer of this special person is brought to justice? (Ugh- Let’s not consider it bringing someone to justice; let’s consider it in simpler terms: How have you aided in removing an evil entity from the peaceful society of Wolfeboro?)

Be annoyed with me if you wish. Call me out if you wish, but at least think about the question.