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Does Anyone Care?

Okay, I’m taking a huge risk here, but I have to ask these questions and then I’ll answer them personally if you will bear with me.

  1. Is there a time limit when human beings finally say enough is enough?
  2. When does one finally say, “it is time to move on?”
  3. Is Stacey Burns gradually disappearing in the rear view mirror in the lives of those who knew her so well?

I ask this not to be hurtful but to be realistic. Our son died in 1992 at the age of twenty nine. The devastation of his loss does not got away. So, here are my answers to the above questions.

  1. NO! There is no time limit. Some will move on but some will continue to suffer.
  2. It is time to move on but with the proviso that the past is always with us. We never forget, nor do we disrespect the memory. Our son’s death was not human caused therefore cannot be avenged. The death of Stacey Burns was human caused, therefore must be avenged or justified, whichever you choose.
  3. Yes, in some cases, but absolutely not in others. To those in the “absolutely not” category, what are you personally doing to be a force in finding her killer? Calling authorities for updates? Writing to your representatives for help to solve this horrible murder? In my opinion, if each of us, personally, can say that we have done one thing to help Stacey’s memory be preserved by being actively involved, then maybe there is hope. Otherwise, there is none.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The portion of his blog devoted to the murder of Stacey Burns has gone on for years with no appreciable effect. My last post abut the “eleven suspects” was greeted with some ridicule. So be it- It is coming up on ten years, folks! Is there a time limit to justice for Stacey Burns? Only you who can make a difference can answer that.                                                                Duke

7 Responses to Does Anyone Care?

  • Van darling says:

    When you get scorn and ridicule you have hit a nerve. When others pooh-pooh your efforts you again, hit a nerve. They (whoever they are) want you to go away. Be quiet. Stop poking around. Stop keeping this dirty deed alive.
    Keep going, Duke. Keep up your relentless queries! Stacey remains in my prayers. Frequently I read of other murderers who are caught after twenty/thirty years. Justice, I firmly believe, prevails.

  • Max Fendellani says:

    We all care. You care, and thank you for always caring Duke.
    Justice is coming.
    We won’t stop fighting for justice, and sometimes it may seem quiet, but things are moving, questions are being answered.
    It’s happening….
    I’m so sorry for her loss of your son Duke.

  • jim says:

    Ed has been arraigned, Watch for court date. Very important to fill room in support of the guy he tried to kill. This is it, Stacey’s only chance to rest in peace.

  • Question for Jim. Please Sir… if you can answer calmly without going off on a senseless rage… why are you only focused on Ed being Stacey’s only possible murder suspect when your good friend and ali Duke has repeatedly pleaded with everyone who knew Stacey to at least CONSIDER other options than it being EITHER Y O U or Ed???

    • a friend says:

      ACTUALLY Jim, YOU would be the best person to organize a memorial like this for Stacey! Put some of your ENERGY to GOOD USE for Stacey. You knew her better than ANYBODY…right? Who her REAL friends ARE though they may be FEW, and like you said you found out who your REAL FRIENDS are. Find out how many people believe in your innocence so much that they are willing to stand behind you because I am. And I know many others who believe it was not you.

  • crystal vision says:

    For DUKE… thanks so much for your persistence keeping Stacey’s memory alive. How about starting a new column /section/ page here where people can give ideas for her memorial and offer to volunteer in various ways. “LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS for Stacey’s Memorial.”

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