There are some very interesting comments in this thread on my last post. One about karma especially made me think about whether the police ever considering consulting with a psychic in the Stacey Burns murder case. Because I have a friend who has contacts in that realm and actually have some psychic abilities of his/her own, I decided to explore the possibility. The results, while minimal in quantity, were amazing in quality.

Since the investigators have been fairly clear in expressing their belief that I have nothing to offer, despite my research efforts, I’m sure they would not be the least bit interested in what these three sources had to say. I will only say at this point that the findings fit quite well with one of the five scenarios of the murder which I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Skeptics will naturally dismiss even the most remote chance of a person far removed from the murder could provide any useful information. Personally, with no arrest in almost six years, I wonder what is there to lose? Even if the killer is known to them, as they seem to indicate, perhaps a key piece of missing evidence might be discovered. It could be the key to an arrest, a trial, and a conviction. It might not, also, but the alternative is to just watch the “active investigation” stagnate even further.

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