Here is my answer to yesterday’s question regarding the possibility that there may be one DNA sample found in the Burns home that cannot be accounted for. I base this answer on a reliable source who will not be identified.

In my opinion, there is a DNA sample which cannot be explained. If this is true, a good defense attorney would have a field day with the logical conclusion. Some unidentified person was in the house before Stacey’s murder. Therefore, Mr. Prosecutor, can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client is the killer if you can’t explain who this person was and what they were doing there?

Could this be the reason for the lack of an arrest and a trial? I don’t know but it has been five years, folks, and maybe it is time to revisit EVERYTHING from the beginning. If the police had this case solved in the first 48 hours, as has been stated by a number of people, then why is it languishing? Would it hurt to look at things from a different perspective?

Just wondering . . .