Did a set of desperate circumstances kill Stacey Burns? Desperate situations often create the environment for desperate actions. When a character in my new book makes the statement that desperate times call for desperate measures, his comrade’s response brings him up short. “Sounds more like excuses for inexcusable actions,” he says.

As we approach the seventh anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns, (astoundingly only 39 days from now!) perhaps this notion should be revisited. Here are just a few questions to consider as we try to look into the rapidly receding past for answers as to why she was murdered.

Was it a domestic situation? A divorce settlement? A love triangle? A rejected  suitor? A jealous wife/girlfriend ?

Was it a life style choice?

Was it just a random act?

Was she about to reveal a damaging truth about someone?

All of these along with others are, or could be, desperate circumstances or situations for the people involved. However, no matter how desperate, the real question is whether the situation called for the most desperate of actions–the taking of her life. NEVER!

As my character says, “sounds more like excuses for inexcusable actions” to me.

Seven years! Isn’t it time for this to stop?