In June of 2013, I published a blog post here with my definition of the word, ACTIVE, as it applies to a murder investigation. In retrospect, it seems a bit harsh for the time. The reality is that seven years years had passed when in April of this year, a NHSP detective again used the word active to describe the Stacey Burns murder.  Is it a fair question to ask if my definition of active in 2013 is still viable today? Here is my definition back then. Readers may judge if it remains accurate.

June 2, 2013: “Active, in my view, means that leads and tips are being followed to successful conclusions and explanations. Active, again in my view, means that lacking new leads or tips, people are being reinterviewed; alibis are being subjected to reexamination; witness stories are being cross-checked; doors are being knocked on once again; evidence is being looked at over and over again. In short, after four years, active means that someone must be thinking outside the proverbial box, not treading water waiting for something to happen or for the phone to ring.”