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Deadly Habits vs Caring Habits

Honoring a request from one of my readers, here are all seven of Dr. William Glasser’s Deadly Habits with corresponding Caring Habits. Remember, a major axiom of his Choice Theory is that the only person whose behavior we can control is our own. In a previous post, I chose to  highlight those I thought might apply to the Stacey Burns murder case. Again, the primary source for this information is Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom By Dr. William Glasser.

Caring Habits                                         Deadly Habits

1. Supporting                                         1. Criticizing

2. Encouraging                                      2. Blaming

3. Listening                                            3. Complaining

4. Accepting                                           4. Nagging

5. Trusting                                              5. Threatening

6. Respecting                                         6. Punishing

7. Negotiating Differences                  7. Bribing, rewarding to control

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