This message is for anyone in the Wolfeboro/Tuftonboro area on Friday, July 25, 2014.

If you have ANYTHING you’d like to share about the Stacey Burns murder case, I will be in the area for the entire day and would love to speak with you. This includes anyone who has already spoken with me and those who have chosen not to participate in what I am trying to do: Tell the truth of what happened on Mothers’ Day, 2009. Should you have some truth to share and if you’d be willing to stand up for the truth of what happened to Stacey Burns, your family member, your friend, your colleague, or your neighbor,  let me know  and I will be happy to tell your story. Obviously, the truth has yet to be told. A killer still walks free.

Here is my contact information: cell phone 603 520-9695AZ home 520 625-5979  e-mail I will supply my home address to anyone who wants it but it is a long way from New Hampshire.

My blog with over 200 posts about the Stacey Burns murder (FROM ME) is

Isn’t it about time to send this horrible crime to where it belongs- the American system of justice? There will be those that might say “What justice system?” but it is what we have. Right now, the killer of Stacey Burns is not subject to ANY justice system.

Seriously, does anyone care about some kind of resolution in this case? If so, from someone a distance away but remaining as close as is possible to the “progress” on this case, I’m not seeing a whole lot of passion to get the person who killed someone very special to all of you.

Before firing away on your opinion of this writer (and you are more than welcome to do that!) pause and give some thought to what specifically you’ve done lately to see that this psychopathic coward is closer to being to arrested.