A brief post as we are traveling to the East Coast from Arizona . . .

One person suggested a contact after my blog with the “dare you” challenge.

Just to remind everyone, one week from next Friday, July 25, I will be in New Hampshire. In the last post, I suggested that there may be some people out there who would like to have their story about the murder of Stacey Burns included in my book (a work in progress) on that subject.

The offer still stands. Contact me on my cell phone 603 520-9695 or email me at duke@dukesouthard.com and I will be happy to speak with you. Here is your chance to have your story told with a guarantee of privacy if you so desire.

I would love to fill in some details in the first eighteen chapters of the book since the final three chapters on the arrest, the trial, and the conviction of the killer apparently will not be written for a long time!

I look forward to hearing from you, family, friends, colleagues, police investigators, community members or anyone else!