Tonight I attended an outstanding concert presented by a combination of two U.S. Army bands. Midway through the concert, there was a trumpet rendition of the always emotional “Taps” in honor of soldiers who have passed on. It made me think of my first memory of hearing this doleful song played.

In a rare concession, my father allowed me to accompany him and a few friends to the movie, From Here to Eternity, in 1953. I was only thirteen at the time. My memory tells me that it was the first time I ever heard “Taps” played as Private Robert E. Lee Pruitt pays tribute to his friend Maggio with a heart -stopping rendition of this touching piece. I was thirteen, a boy entering adolescence, and I remember crying in that theater.

I cried tonight also, and wondered if there are still thirteen-year-olds out there who might cry as well when they hear this emotional musical piece.

I hope so.