Was Stacey Burns looking backward at “cracks in the wall” at the same time as she was looking forward to Mothers’ Day in 2009?

Paraphrasing one of my favorite characters, Josie Havenot, in my latest Parker Havenot novel, Live Free or Die, sometimes we can still peer through the cracks or look over the walls we build to shield us from the past. I often wonder if Stacey remained a little haunted by her recent past as she was beginning to look forward to her new life after her divorce settlements would all be finalized. One can only hope that she was comfortable and happy. The figurative wall obviously was not strong enough to protect her physically from a gutless psychopath but maybe it helped protect her emotionally in her final days on this earth.

Fortunately, many of us do not need to build walls to separate us from the past completely but I would guess that virtually everyone has some little part of their lives they would like to forget.

Fifty four days to the sixth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns- We should ask the question yet again. Is her killer any closer to being arrested then he/she was on May 10, 2009? If not, why not? If so, tell us about it.

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