dukesmotorcycleSome of my followers have asked how the new novel, Cracks in the Wall, is coming along so this is a brief report on that project for those who are interested. (or even for those who are not interested)

I hit a major slowdown in progress over the last month and half due to factors somewhat beyond my control. However, the novel, expected to be in the 63,000 words range, now stands at 55,000 “keeper” words so more than 85% completed. If all goes according to plan, it will be in the editing stage within a month.

The book features Detective Parker Havenot and is set in the fictional town of Hampton Village, Connecticut, which is Parker’s hometown since he married Josie Wallace in Agent for Justice.

I submitted the first three chapters of this book to the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards in the fiction division and that entry was a finalist in the competition. As a finalist, I may participate in the Masters Workshop, a two day intensive writing workshop immediately following the Tucson Festival of Books in March.

Next post-Is New Hampshire really having the serious drug issues that are being mentioned so frequently as the politicians and media descend on the state for the primary next week?