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Cracks in the Wall

Dad Race Car 21 (2)The photo captures my father in his race car in 1950, just prior to a horrible crash in which he should have been killed but survived with minor scratches. That accident is the basis for the opening chapter of my first novel, A Favor Returned.

Many folks have asked my how my work on my fourth novel is coming along. Cracks in the Wall, the third book featuring Detective Parker Havenot, is well underway. As of this moment, I am projecting the rough draft to be finished by the end of November, 2015. The story is guaranteed to produce a series of surprises for the reader, with unanticipated twists and turns in a complex plot.

I will periodically bring my followers up to date on the progress of this exciting novel.

Thanks for you interest!



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I'm Duke Southard, author, educator, and lecturer.

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