Could it really be this hard? I have named nine people closely involved in the (supply your own adjective-mine would be indefensible) murder of Stacey Burns. All I asked was for each of them to answer just two questions for me in the interest of confirming/corroborating desecriptions of events which have already been supplied to me.

There are some possible reasons for this exercise to be futile.

1. Those people have not heard about my interest in their answers. 

2. Those people do not want to get involved in any way with solving the murder and wish the whole thing would just go away.

3. They would love to share something but are afraid because:

     a. the killer is a danger even though the authorities have said that he/she is not.

     b. they feel threatened if they should make anything public.

     c. their lawyers have told them to never say anything to anybody.

     d. they feel that their families may be in danger is anything they have told me is made public.

So, my message to the family, the friends, the community that enfolded Stacey Burns in life is simply this: Why can’t that same enfoldment be true in her death?

Still trying to stir things up!