Here is a new citizen’s movement! Will you be a participant?

Stacey Burns was cruelly and unmercifully removed from this world on May 10, 2009.  I propose a countdown. What if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, connected with Stacey in any way, began to do everything in his or her power to see that her cold blooded murderer was arrested by the eighth anniversary of her death, May 10, 2017?

We have new leaders on every level: Local-a new chief of police in Wolfeboro; State- a new governor; National- a new president. Might this be the time for that new leadership to demonstrate that they care about the average person?

Let’s start a countdown to an arrest. Tomorrow is January 13. The anniversary of Stacey’s death is one hundred and sixteen days away.

Do you think we’ll have the murderer in one hundred and sixteen days? The countdown begins tomorrow. It will be yet another sad state of affairs if these days pass without anything happening.