Add these two possibilities to the list of possible killers of Stacey Burns. While not exactly new, both have recently been mentioned to me along with thus far unsubstantiated evidence to back up the claims. Once again, we must assume that the police are working or have worked these angles of the case. I’d be happy to share any information I have been given concerning these claims with the authorities if they are interested.

First possibility- A woman with connections to influential people in town killed Stacey. This is not the first time I’ve heard that this case will never be solved because “it involves higher-ups in town.”

Second possibility- A conspiracy among corrupt lawyers in town resulted in her murder. This particular possibility is mentioned with not only the Stacey Burns killing but also the Bobbie Miller case.

Maybe the fact that the case remains unsolved after seven years led to these allegations but the folks who have brought them to my attention seem convinced that there is something to them and believe that investigating them will lead to the murderer.

Just an FYI . . .