This is from Webster New World Dictionary for a conspiracy:

A planning and acting together secretly, especially for an unlawful or harmful purpose, such as murder or treason.

Note that there is no mention of the number of people who need to be involved.

Therefore, if two people are involved, it is a conspiracy. The idea that a conspiracy existed in the murder of Stacey Burns is not “BS” as a contributor to this blog has suggested.  As always, we have to believe that the investigators have thoroughly explored this possibility. If they haven’t, then they have abrogated their responsibility.

My humble opinion, in case anyone cares to hear it?

More than one person is intimately knowledgeable about how this murder was carried out. Whether they actively participated or not is really a moot point. Someone beside the cowardly killer knows how this happened, and why, even seven years later, no one has been held responsible for this reprehensible crime.

I am open to challenges from anyone, NH State Police included, to refute this supposition. Please prove me wrong and tell me that you know who the killer is. (And don’t tell me that you are waiting for “him to crack.” It has been more than three years since you told that to the editor of the Green Valley News in Arizona.) How long do people have to wait for this killer to “crack?”