A caveat- any theories put forth in this blog are based on information and opinions I’ve received over the last four years. As I’ve stated previously, the murder of Stacey Burns is officially considered an open and active case by the authorities; therefore, official information is impossible to discover. However, in my opinion, this investigation is much more passive than active. If this observation is incorrect, I welcome anyone to provide evidence to the contrary.

Several of the posts on this blog recently dealt with the possibility that more than one person was involved with the May 10, 2009 murder of Stacey Burns. This possibility has been raised numerous times in the past but apparently has not gained any traction with those in charge of the case, or, at the least, they have not indicated that the conspiracy theories have any validity. What follows is part of an explanation for the statement in my last post that I believe that a strong possibility exists that the murderer of Stacey Burns has assistance of some sort, either before, during, or after the crime. Let’s first look at the “before the murder” possibility.

Realistically, even the authorities would have to admit that if a killer has not been arrested more than five years after the crime was committed, he or she must have either had a good advance plan or must be incredibly lucky. Is it logical to assume a good plan was in place since there obviously was not enough evidence left behind to lead to an arrest of the killer? Is it also logical to assume that this crime, so full of rage and passion, could not have been carried out spontaneously because certainly in the heat of moment mistakes would have been made, mistakes the investigators would have found?

To an outsider who does not have access to pertinent police reports written at the time, the strong possibility that the killer had help before the murder exists. The assistance could have even been inadvertent (such as unwittingly supplying an alibi) or it could be as sinister as having full knowledge of what was going to happen in advance and helping to develop the plan to get away with this unspeakable crime. (After five + years, I’m guessing that the killer is thinking that the plan was successful.)

Next, a look at the conspiracy theory that the murderer had assistance in one form or another late on Saturday night, May 9, 2009 through Sunday morning, May 10, 2009 . . .