Once again, a correspondent mentions in a response comment to one of my posts that the Stacy Burns murder case had been declared a cold case.

If anyone out there in Wolfeboro or anywhere else has this from an official source, I and many others, I’m sure, would like to know about it.

No one needs to be reminded that Stacey will have been gone seven years just four days from now. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone in authority would condescend to inform the general public where this case stands? For example, he(they) could answer a simple questionnaire like this:

On a scale of 1-10, one being completely inactive and 10 being extremely active, where would you place the Stacey Burns murder case?

On a scale of 1-10, one being not urgent and 10 being extremely urgent, how urgent is the solution to the Stacey Burns murder case to the New Hampshire State Police?

Finally, has the Stacey Burns murder case been added to the list of cold murder cases in New Hampshire? Circle one answer.  YES        NO

As usual, despite the anniversary just days away, I do not expect any of these questions to be answered.  I’m used  to being ignored. However, there are people with suffficent influence to not  be ignored if they chose to raise these questions in some kind of public forum.  Is it too much to ask that someone with this kind of influence step forward? If no one does, then I guess we are left to hope that this cowardly murderer will be caught by whatever means the police are using in this “active” and “ongoing” seven year investigation.

Just wondering when this may be resolved . . .