Some have expressed confusion over the recent blog which used an Ann Rule quotation in reference to the Stacey Burns murder case. I left two blanks and advised those reading it to fill them in as they saw fit. Here is a different way to look at this. In the Ann Rule murder case, there are two sides, just as I believe there are in the Stacey Burns case. Anyone involved may choose which side they are on or at least, which side they might be leaning toward. Maybe this is an oversimplification of a complex issue but here it is anyway.

Side one wants to move forward. Over four years have passed and the urgency of this case simply is not there anymore with those on this side. As a personal note, I sincerely hope that no one in authority wants to move on!

Side Two remains filled with grief and the sense of something left unfinished. Of justice ignored.

This is how Ann Rule divided people involved in her case. Is there somewhere in between? I do not know the answer to that. However, as we look in the mirror every day, we probably should be thinking about which side we might be on.

Hope this makes sense to those who were wondering what I meant by the blanks in that previous post.