“They were supposed to be stewards of the earth!” shouts a member of the Divine Council, railing against the damage the human race has done to the planet and the other creatures that inhabit it.

This, of course, is fiction, taken from my fable (or allegory) called “The Failed Experiment.” The story features a round table discussion in Heaven during which the council argues the case as to whether or not to annihilate the human race before it destroys the earth.

As I listen to the leaders of the real world, I wonder if we are being stewards of the earth. In my humble opinion, there is a simple question to be asked, and the answer determines whether we are fulfilling our responsibilities to our planet and all the creatures on it, including our own species. Here is the question.

Are our decisions being made for future generations, children yet unborn?

If decisions about such basic and simple things as creating a safe environment or maintaining our modern infrastructures are being made only on the effect those decisions might have on us, or our children, or even our grandchildren, we are guilty of an unhealthy tunnel vision for the long term survival of our species and our planet.

The founders of the noble American experiment based their decisions and choices on what would be good for generations far down the road. Our current leaders must do the same. Foresight and vision are desperately needed. There is nothing wrong with taking care of immediate needs but there definitely is something wrong with ignoring the needs of those children yet unborn.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!